Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Entering the Blogsphere

And so I write this. I don’t even know why. Do I have anything important to say? Anything funny, or sad, or thought provoking? Or am I just another face swimming in the sea of faces? What makes me unique?

Maybe I’m writing this because I’m not unique. I mean, blogging is the new thing. Everybody has a blog.

Why is this, I wonder? People don’t journal, at least not in the same numbers as the people who blog. To me, this means that people aren’t blogging out of some sense of personal existential exploration. If people were, then journaling would have been much more common right up until the point where blogging became available. Instead, it seems people blog not because they want to record something about themselves for themselves, but they want to record something about themselves for others. They want people to see their experiences, comment on them, interact with them. And ultimately, I think, they want to see other people’s experiences too.

But is blogging more about voyeurism or relationality?

And so I write this.

Maybe one of these days one of my old friends will find this, and we can be reunited, virtually, at least. Or maybe one of these days I'll find them and tell them about my blog.

In any case, here I go, entering the blogsphere.

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