Thursday, March 30, 2006

Blogging Rules

After reading over the first two posts in my blog, I’ve realized that the one with pictures is much more interesting. This has caused me to think pictures should be much more used in my blog than I would otherwise be inclined to do.

No one probably knows about it, but I used to have a blog many, many moons ago. Way back when the net was new and 56k dialup was considered as fast as you would ever want to go. Problem was you had to be rich to get a 56k modem, provided you could even find a provider that would allow for dialup that fast. Occasionally, I’ll speak of the (re)creation of my blog, which is a reference to the earlier blog. In fact, "Entering the Blogsphere" is a slightly reworked version of the first entry in my old blog.

In any case, I still have a lot of those entries from way back then. Upon occasion, I’ll dig them up and “pontificate” (a little nod to Stacy the Con here) on whether I was right or wrong. Pics, while not possible in ancient times, will of course now be included where possible.

All of this has led me to think that I need to have blog rules. So, here is my stab at how any reader should approach my blog. Some of them I’ll try to do, some of them the reader needs to keep in mind:

1.) The entry is useless without pics! (I mean, it worked for Postsecret, right?)

2.) Be yourself. Sometimes that means I will be funny – other times I’ll be pensive. Or nonsensical. Sometimes I’ll think I’m more important than I actually am – at other times you’ll get tired of my self-abasiveness. Welcome to my blog.

3.) Some things will forever be off limits, though I’ll tangentially refer to them. That way I’ll seem more mysterious and interesting.

4.) The entry is useless without comments! Comments are highly encouraged. I mean, if I didn’t want comments, then I would simply journal. Useful comments, that is. Bad comments will be promptly deleted. But only after they are shamed. Or beaten, I can’t decide which.

5.) My theme will be the past and the future, rarely the present. I’m all about things that are formative rather than forming. Whatever that means.

6.) Sometimes I’ll make things up. Deal with it.

7.) No more than a week should go by without an update. Ideally, I’ll have 3 entries or so per week. Unless I’m dead. Please send flowers.

8.) KISS – keep it short and sweet. No one wants a thousand words on each entry.

Okay, now I’m bored with making rules. I might make more later.

But right now, I want to add a picture of something funny. I visit an internet forum called Head-fi, which is all about headphones. (I know, I’m a dork.) Anyway, one guy posted a thread called “What you DON’T want to see over your house!”, and he posted a pic of a black police helicopter flying over his house. Then hilarity ensued. By the time I stopped reading the thread, it had morphed into this:

Who says dorks don’t have a sense of humor?


Jessica said...

while postsecret does make a valid argument for posting pictures on a blog, several of us have previously had words about this issue.

i, for one, believe that people come to a blog to READ. i do not feel that pictures are necessary. however, the a.d.d. kids who never really got "into" reading throughout their lives are of the "don't post without a picture" camp.

so, from time to time, i try to soothe the masses by posting a pic or two. i applaud your efforts to post graphics with words--the easily bored bloggers thank you, too.

as a single woman, i find it difficult to aquire a picture for every random thought--although your pictures remind me that the pictures do not HAVE to be of me, myself, or i. good point...i'll try to keep that in mind.

thanks for getting a blog. it makes me laugh just to read it. i hear your voice in every sentence. you crack me up!

knelson said...

Hello Ben - what a thrill it is to hear from you and about you! Thank you for letting us come into your world - you marked my life as well. What a journey we have been on. Though my journey has lasted MANY more years than yours - I am so glad ours crossed at LA TECH. Your humor and insights are still intact...carry on friend! Kathy Nelson

Benjamin said...

Kathy Nelson! What a pleasure and honor to hear from you. I'm surprised you and Elly remember me. With all those hundreds and thousands of students pouring through week after week, year after year.

All that, and I can't even remember the names of some of my co-workers. What a heart you must have for the students, to find a way to remember what you do.

Tracy P. said...

Just so ya know, I'm just now, finally going to go back to the beginning of your blog. Get ready! I think I really only have about six months' worth to close the gap.

Benjamin said...

Only six months? I thought it was more than that, but my memory of my blogging days are hazy. You know, since it was so long ago. :-)