Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm a lostie

What can I say? I'm totally addicted to Lost. My VCR is set up to record it every week, but instead of waiting for it to finish recording so I can fast-forward through the commercials, I watch the show while it is being recorded. I just can't stand for my Lost fix to happen even one hour later.

The series has had it's ups and downs, and to be honest, the current season hasn't been quite up to par. But the last three episodes have been fantastic. Last week's episode had me thinking about it for days. Truth be told, I'm still thinking about it. I have tons of questions, like

- Is Ben crazy? (Ben is a character in the show. For the record, I AM
crazy. Hehehehehehe.)
- Is Locke crazy? (Or dead?)
- What was that grey substance on the ground around Jacob's cabin?
- Who are the hostiles and where did they come from?
- Why doesn't Richard Alpert appear to age?
- Is Juliette really defecting to the beach dwellers, or is she a triple agent?
- Is Jack getting played by Juliette, or is he in on the whole thing, too?

The only real fatal flaw in Lost is that it is highly serialized. You can't just jump into Lost and get into the swing of it. Oh, no. That would not only be frustrating, but would also do enough violence to the story that has come before that it would be almost criminal. You can't just jump into the middle of a novel or a movie, now can you? 'Course not. And Lost is no different.

But, like I was saying, this is the fatal flaw of the series. You won't have a clue what is going on until you've seen what came before, and to see what came before, you have to go all the way back to Season 1 of the series. I think this is why I can't find many people who watch the show, because if you tried to start with Season 2, you would be totally lost. (No pun intended.) I think that's why I can't find any kindred spirits that are into Lost. I mean, someone other than me has to be watching the show, right?

So, I'm thinking about renting the series on DVD and have some Lost parties at my house in preparation for Season 4, which will start in January of next year. We'll all sit around in my basement, get a fire going in the fireplace, eat some popcorn and sugarbabies, and watch 2 episodes of Lost a week until Season 4 starts. Or something like that.

Who's with me?


lorri said...

if it weren't for the drive, i would think about it. i think i watched one episode long ago.

Benjamin said...

You're a good friend, Alethia. The drive is indeed a bummer. Why don't you and Steve mover closer to the hot center of the universe, like St Paul or something?

I'll think of you and Steve whenever I start watching the series in September or so.

Christy said...

Ben - if you weren't so far away from us (we're in Louisiana), my husband and I would join you. He loves the show. You'll have to forgive me, but I jumped in only a couple of weeks ago. It is true that I have had a lot of "HUH?" moments, but I have found it compelling anyway.

Christy Shirley White

Benjamin said...


I'm sure there have been a lot of "huh?" moments if you've only recently jumped in. Luckily, the storyline with the Others has been good.

One thing I'm still waiting to be resolved is who those bodies belonged to in the first season. In the caves near the water supply, Jack found two bodies from, like, 20 years ago, holding hands, one with a white rock, the other with a black rock. I'm still trying to figure out who they were.

So, who/what do you think Jacob is?

Christy said...

I have no clue - that's just weird. At first I thought Ben was just batty, but then Locke heard the voice, so hmmmm....

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

2 hour finale tomorrow - woohoo!

Lou Ellen said...

hi ben, it's aunt lou, though i've only watched a partial episode of lost - i think i was able to capture the essence of the entire 3 seasons and thus; i will offer you my opinion on your questions. first - as to ben's craziness, he seems to exhibit signs of classic ptsd stemming from his birth experience and its consequences.. next - it is obvious from locke's discussion with jacob (or as i like to say fakub) that locke will be somehow miraculously healed by the island, thus - not dead and absolutely not crazy. next - the grey substance is clearly gun powder, a primitive defense mechanism. (remember, jacob is a neophyte, not unlike your aunt lou) next - good question, they are the progeny of adam and eve from the cave. next - richard is an obvious by-product of island mystical powers (or perhaps related to the rhodes sisters). next - juliette seems to have genuinely pledged allegiance to the flag of oceanic flight 815 because of attraction to jack ---duh? next - if jack is getting played, let the music continue, as lost is the greatest romantic drama this side of the bachelor. " lost lift us up where we belong."

Michelle said...

we watch the show - and re-watch it in slow motion sometimes to get the good parts that go too fast. we have HD, so we were able to slow it down and see "jacob" sitting in the chair.

i could comment on and on, but hey, the season is over and i just saw your post! :)

SteveM said...

I can be your long lost - lost buddy. I am addicted as well. The end of this season was great!

Eric said...

I watched the first season in two days and the second over a three day weekend. If I get a hold of season 3, my architectural studies will be over. I hate lost, I curse after every episode, as I put in the next one..