Monday, December 18, 2006

Stood up at the PeGe

The sharp crack of Alethia's whip woke me from my blogmatic slumbers. Has it really been over a month since I last posted? Yup, I guess it has.

Well, those of you whom I care about should be getting a Christmas card from me sometime soon. If you don't, then I've probably forgotten about you. Or don't have your home address.


I went to Louisiana for Thanksgiving. I always like going back to Louisiana and seeing my relatives and friends. I like eating the Thanksgiving food and seeing a Sonic on every corner. I like the smell of pine trees and the way I can actually see the starts at night.

For the first time, my immediate family (with in-laws) was too big to stay in someone else's house. So, we rented a cabin in Lake D'Arbonne State park. The cabins were really nice, and the view off of the pier into Lake D'Abonne was beatiful.

Aside from spending time with both my Father's side and my Mother's side of the family (which I see not nearly often enough), I visited my old college stomping grounds. Ruston, as a whole hasn't changed that much, though it does seem like Ruston is getting a bit more comercial. There are lots of new hotels, a Chili's and other chain restaurants, a new movie theater is going in, etc, etc.

Some of the best things about Ruston haven't changed, though, and every time I go back to visit Tech, I'm reminded of how wonderful a place it was to go to college. Good education, good friends, good times. "O Tech thy halls so beatiful, thy spacious hall, thy noble trees..."

But as I wondered around the campus, and gawked at so
me of the new buildings, I noticed a gaping hole where Kidd used to be.

You'll have to click on the picture to see the blow-up, but that grav
el parking lot used to be an 8-story women's dorm. In fact, if memory serves, that SUV is parked just about where Amy and Alethia's balcony used to be. After all the good memories I have from in and around that dorm, it was sad and shocking to see it gone. I think I remember a picture of a bunch of my BSU friends standing outside that dorm, all dolled up and ready to go to some "function". Does anyone have a copy of that picture they can scan for me?

Not to seem too sappy, but after all the nostalgia of seeing the old campus again, I was looking forward to seeing a couple of college friends in Monroe. We were going to meet at the PeGe, which has some of the best greasy-spoon type food on the planet. Sure, it's a bit of a dive, but there is just something about the PeGe that keeps me coming back. I keep telling myself it's the ice cream, but I suspect deep down that it's how cool the sign is.

Now, I don't want to name any names, but I was supposed to meet two good friends at the PeGe. Well, at least two people whom I thought were my good friends. Keep in mind that I flew all the way from Minnesota, drove from Dallas into Ruston, then instead of staying warm and snug at Lake D'arbonne, I drove out to Monroe just to see these two people. My math is fuzzy, but I think I ended up traveling somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 miles just to make it to our meeting at the PeGe.

Come to find out, only one shining face showed up. From what I understand, the other one didn't want to drive the 30 miles to see me. (Guess which one is getting a Christmas card this year?). In my gratitude, I let her hold my only son, whom had also traveled light-years to visit the PeGe.

Now, one might be tempted to think that my eyes are half-closed because a.) I'm really tired from life with a newborn, b.) I'm being blinded by the flash from the camera, or c.) I'm on crack (a little inside joke between myself and Stacy).

In fact, it's merely that I'm overcome by grief due to the lack of love shown me by a certain redhead.

Not that seeing Stacy didn't rock, 'cuz it did. My eyes were open almost the entire time. And we didn't talk about theology once, which is quite a feat for me. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to talk about, so I wasn't much of a conversationalist (am I ever?). But Stacy kept me entertained by stories of life as an MD, and stories of her family over Thanksgiving. She also told me how to pronounce DeSha's name, which I had TOTALLY wrong.

So, there you have it, my Thanksgiving Vacation. How was yours?


lorri said...

i don't understand why they would tear down kidd. that is wrong. and it couldn't have gotten any worse since we were there, so why are these new pups deserving of a nice place to live when we weren't? that jeep is pretty darn close to where amy and i lived/breathed back in the day. so sorry that somebody stood you up, i wonder who that could be?.... how are the babies adjusting?

lorri said...

oh BTW, my thanksgiving was pretty insignificant. lots of food.

Benjamin said...

Yeah, I don't quite get it, either. I couldn't help but notice that the way-more-crappy guy dorms were still standing. Kinda makes a person wonder what Tech is up to.

Over by the baseball diamond, there were a ton of new apartment-looking buildings. I got the impression that these new buildings were some of the new dorms built to replace Kidd.

Yeah, life sure was a lot tougher when we were young. Between the crappy dorms and the crummy food, it's a wonder we survived. ;-)

Kim Berry said...

Yay! We thought you were dead. I mean...yay, you're not dead. Yay, we thought you were dead didn't sound right. Anyway, nice blogs, cute kids.
Merry Christmas to the fam!

Stacy said...

i'm sorry the redhead stood you up...she didn't even have the heart to tell you herself. i dare say you wouldn't have been able to avoid a theological discussion had she been there. i on the other hand do good to know my name in the middle of a weekend on call which is how you found me...

forgive me if you were misquoting on purpose or there's another verse that i don't know but our alma mater actually says "o tech thy halls so beautiful, thy PLEASANT WALKS, thy noble trees..."

Benjamin said...

Oh my goodness, I think I've been singing the alma mater wrong for years!

I always thought that the phrase "thy spacious halls" was weird...

Oh well. And, while you did seem a little worn out, it was still good to visit.

Jessica said...

the certain redhead, due to car problems, was unable to take her own transportation to louisiana for thanksgiving. she was at the mercy of her parents, who were determined to be back en route to texas during said pege meeting. being the good friend that the redhead is, she sent word with a certain doctor since said redhead didn't have your phone number and her plans didn't change until the relative last minute.

but, what did said redhead find out when she read your blog?! ben flew into dfw...which is only 30 mins. away from said redhead's home. why did ben fail to mention this in his not-so-subtle disparaging comments to said redhead?! sad face in the heart for said redhead.

btw, is this the reason you never responded to my request for your address so i could send you and yours a christmas card? i'm crying now...

Benjamin said...

Aw, c'mon, Jess, where's your sense of humor?

I had to make the story dramatic, didn't I? Can you blame a fellow blogger for embellishing (sp?) where necessary?

On another note, I didn't even see the email you sent me. I'll have to check on that.

Happy New Year!

Catherine said...

I am so glad Stacy was able to line you out about the Alma Mater and save me the trouble. My Thanksgiving was great and it had a lot to do with you and even more to do with your kids, just so you know. I am so glad y'all made the effort to travel even though I don't know how you did it!

I would LOVE to see some more Christmas pictures, especially of the tiny Tech cheerleader.

Much love from your famous kin, Ginger Rogers. Fred says Hi by the way-